David Barber remembers handling Teflon

August 28, 2017

David Barber worked at ChemFab from 1979 to 2002. When he first started there, he and other workers scooped pitchers of Teflon with their bare hands. "I just feel bad we weren't told" about potential toxic exposure, he said. Read more about David and the early days of ChemFab in Part 1 of our special series, Teflon Town.


The Deeper Dig #1: The $26 Million Question

May 18, 2017

In late February, Governor Scott announced a proposal to shift collective bargaining on teachers' health plans from the local level to the state level. Now, the Legislature faces the threat of a budget veto as they prepare to adjourn for the year. VTDigger's Mark Johnson and Elizabeth Hewitt describe how we got here.


Rep. Ron Hubert/Ethics

April 25, 2017